Caribbean Stud In The Casino

If you use the strategy of this secret recipe , the risk rate can be reduced to 5.224%, but if you go blindly betting yourself , the risk rate will increase to 16.607% . If the hand of cards is not ideal , using the abstention retain 0.47774524 percent chance of ( you know , get a Royal Flush probability of 0.00000084%)

D’Alembert’s probability formula, number and elephant, is the core analysis method of winning money : connect with the same tail ; connect with doubling and a half ; connect with the same group ; complement number method ; rear-end method ; split number method ; clamp position method , keep outside and Inside contrast 40/5 = a multiple of 8 , because there is a probability of winning more than 2/3 , it is easy to win. No more than twice a 4/38 continuous probability of losing money, the total amount bet 90 yuan each win 30 yuan, the rate of return is very impressive, each inside a split bet to consider the trend of red and black, and then 36 times bet It is a basic betting cycle. In any cycle, if there is no profit, it will exit, and if 0 occurs more than twice, it will exit.

If you roll 2 , 3, 7, 11 or 12 points at the beginning , this round is considered to be over. If the cast 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 points , the dealer will place a written “POINT” The plastic card in this figure , followed continue to cast dice , until “POINT” appears again or vote the 7 until the point , the purpose of completing a round. Zhou certain use of these secrets , in the VIP lounge , two hours to win $ 652,800 yuan , away from the settlement and drinking places , he will be $ 2,800 dollars to the dealer for tips , happily took $ 650,000 dollars to leave.

There are many gamblers , later followed secrets excel , into the casino to try to learn the skills , secretly surprise , long undefeated gambling , such as unhindered. The best thing is that the croupier in the casino doesn’t notice. Even if the casino ceiling covered with clairvoyant closed-circuit television , the same is not aware , useless.

(A) It’s a magical skill , you can’t help but believe it. Any person , just follow secrets , practice every day on their own just a half hour , can bring huge gains on the money !!

(B) a special book on gambling , now only 8 Ben such books , is included in the key university research projects , this 2 Ben secrets ” King of Ghosts leaf : beat the casino secrets ” ( book number B2), and Fourier epic : Every gambling must win the secret book ( book number B4), known as the book of gambling , and also listed as a key research book by the university !!!!!

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